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Pistol Craft: Austere Conditions

$ 595.00


Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can no longer get it wrong, and masters never stop practicing.  Good training emphasizes fundamentals and practical skills, and excellent training exposes students to the worst scenarios possible.  In Pistolcraft: Austere Conditions, we will put you through just that.  Many fights begin initiated by the enemy, but nonetheless, they must be ended by you.  In this class, you will be in a constant state of deprivation.  This is some of the most realistic training you can get, and after you complete this class, your mental conditioning for defending yourself and your loved ones will be one step ahead when the time comes.  If you have not been in a physical fight before this class, you will by the end of this class. 

You will be tested in this class mentally and physically.  Be warned, you will be trained to a point of failure, and then guided through the process of success.  This class will challenge what you already know, and also challenge many perceptions of fighting.  Truth comes from trial, and the goal of this class is to steel you mentally and physically for when you will be required to fight for your life.  You will gain confidence, bar none. 

During this class you will cover: how to finish fights despite being injured, treat life-threatening injuries, gunfight analysis, medical and anatomical lectures, diminished motor skills, extreme close quarters shooting, physical control techniques, managing bystanders and onlookers during a gunfight, hostage shots, use of cover, low-light shooting, shooting with a loss of vision, and distance shooting under stress.  Training is only open to legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) per ITAR  (22 CFR §§120-130)

Equipment required for this class:

  • Mouth guard
  • Pistol (spare pistol is a good idea)
  • Magazines to hold 50 rounds per drill.  (Double stack mags=4-5.  Single-stack mags=7-8)
  • Quality kydex or leather holster that stays open during reholstering.  
  • Belt
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Electronic ear protection
  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • 400 rounds of factory ammunition
  • Sunscreen/Bug spray
  • Gun cleaning gear
  • Pen and paper

There is no minimum age to take this class.  However, students under 18 years of age are required to attend the class together with a participating adult.


Cancellations/Refund/Exchange Policy

Booking a class at Valor Ridge is a commitment to train on your given course dates.  Tuition sale is final.  We do not offer refunds or transfers to students who cancel or fail to show up for class.   We do offer refund or credit in the highly unlikely event Valor Ridge finds it necessary to cancel a course.  This policy is firm and there will be no exceptions.


As the result of numerous issues that have arisen over the years, we will no longer allow internally-modified firearms once they leave the factory in our classes, unless the work was performed by a certified, qualified gunsmith


Examples of modifications not requiring a gunsmith are: 

  • Aftermarket sights
  • Aftermarket rails
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts including springs, connectors, firing pins, etc…
  • Mil-spec bolts and bolt carriers (Colt, BCM, Daniel Defense, CMMG, LMT, etc...)
  • Retaining plates for AK trigger pins (Krebs Custom retainer plates)
  • Stipling on pistols or pistol grips
  • Firearms converted or rebuilt by manufacturers such as Rifle Dynamics, Krebs Custom, ETC…
  • Complete factory lower receivers
  • Complete factory upper receivers



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