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James Owens Biography

James Owens has extensive training in both firearms and medicine. In other words, he can cause trauma and treat it. He has instructed students in both firearms and medical applications.  Anyone who has taken a class from James can attest to his thorough, insightful analysis and observations.  James helps people live for a living.  James has taken several commercial firearm training classes over the years.  In addition to his role as an instructor at Valor Ridge, James is currently serving as a flight nurse. As a professional, James' experience and credentials include:
Flight Nurse
Current certifications include:
- BLS (Instructor)
- ACLS (Instructor)
- PALS (Instructor)
- EMT National Registry + certified in KY and TN
5+ years regional ER experience
Rotor-wing flight nurse experience
Professional firearms / tac med instructor experience
NRA Life Member (#069102667)
Current member of Armed Legal Defense Network, LLC
Current member of Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association