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Forrest Grout Biography

Forrest Grout began his career serving as a firefighter from 1981 to 1989.  He served in law enforcement from 1989-2002.  His law enforcement experience includes assignments in the narcotics task force, emergency response team tactical unit, and certified Virginia department of criminal justice services firearms instructor.

Forrest later served as a contractor in Iraq.  His first overseas assignment was with Blackwater USA in 2003 as part of the Paul Bremer security detail in Baghdad, Iraq.  Additionally, his experience includes an SSI contract in Dohuk, Iraq.  Forrest served as personal security to civilian US government employees in July 2004 in Baghdad.  His tenure in Iraq also included two tours in Ramadi.
Forrest was a firearm and tactics instructor with Blackwater USA from 2004-2008 where he taught pistol, carbine,swat, and executive protection courses.
In 2006 he was deployed to Pakistan in areas including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar.  Forrest's overseas experience also includes a deployment to Yemen.


Forrest brings a wealth of working knowledge to Valor Ridge.  His foundation is built upon decades of operational knowledge as well as instructing individuals in the use of tactics, pistols, and rifles.  Students can expect keen attention to detail from him, as well as the importance of both why and how things are done.