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Medical Prep 101 + 201 w/ Patriot Nurse

$ 549.00

Our students comment that this class is like drinking from a medical fire hose of knowledge.  Come well rested and ready to rocket into a dynamic training and learning environment!

In addition to strengthening our knowledge base, we will also take regular breaks for application.  Skills sessions will include physical assessment, taking blood pressure, post-mortem care, drug calculation, austere rehydration (when you don’t have IV fluids), and much more!  The student will leave this class equipped with the knowledge and skills to better safeguard their loved ones’ health whatever life may throw at them!  

We pick up in 201 where we left off in 101.  For retention, we will have a brief recap of 101, and then jump headlong into deeper physical assessment, refining our skills and furthering our knowledge.  Total body physical assessment and problem solving will inform our medical preparedness approach.

We will delve into a critical and HIGHLY under-addressed area of preparedness – psychological challenges.   We will investigate how a major disaster will affect people’s minds and hearts, causing significant depression, anxiety, and fear.  Learning how to assess, prevent and take care of these problems is INTEGRAL to a well-rounded medical survival plan.  Additionally, we will discuss options for pain control when the medicine runs out, and how to care for people who are suffering from physical and emotional pain.

Women’s health, STD’s, and BIRTH will also be covered extensively in this class, with skills sessions built around assisting in a birth and preparing for possible complications such miscarriage, excessive bleeding, babies that don’t breathe, and breech birth.

As a final component, we will synergize our knowledge into developing a camp layout and design that facilitates health and wellness of everyone staying at a bug out or retreat.  Blending components of 101 and 201, we’ll practice solving issues and challenges of water shortages, human waste management, and the proper disposal of human bodies.

You will receive a full course manual with your tuition fee.  Wear layers and loose fitting clothes to class -- you will be practicing hands-on application.  Problem-solving, critical thinking, and dynamic adaptation are key components of this course.  So come prepared to work, grow, and learn!  Bring an open mind and a teachable attitude. No prior medical training is necessary :)


Cancellations/Refund/Exchange Policy

Booking a class at Valor Ridge is a commitment to train.  If you cancel your training 60 days or more from your class date, you will forfeit 50% of your tuition .  If you cancel sooner than 60 days from your class date, you forfeit 100% of your tuition.  No transfers between classes or dates are permitted.  This policy is firm and there will be no exceptions.  We fill up far in advance--in some cases over one year before classes are scheduled to be taught. In addition, you are filling a slot that could have gone to someone else. We cannot accommodate cancellations that cost other students spots in our classes. With the demand for our classes, we need to the keep the cancellations to a minimum.

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