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Chuck Taylor's American Small Arms Academy Two-Day Pistol

$ 595.00

Chuck Taylor is one of the most influential experts in the field of firearms and tactics.  For over 40 years, he has trained US military personnel, law enforcement, and countless individuals. He has authored 4 books, thousands of articles, and several standing armies have adopted his techniques. We are proud to host a member of the "Old Breed," Chuck Taylor, here at Valor Ridge!  It is extremely rare that we host anyone, and the fact that we invited Chuck to offer his perspective should speak volumes.  Take the opportunity to come train with one of the most influential, storied, and skilled instructors in the world.  

In this two-day class, the student will learn: Correct Loading/Unloading/Weapon Checking procedures; proper Grip; Stance; Sight Picture; Sight Alignment and Trigger Control; Diagnostic Trigger Control and Sighting Drills; Weapon Presentations from both the Ready and from a Holster; Speed and Tactical Reloading; how to handle Failures to Stop; Malfunction Clearing and Stress Management. Target engagement techniques from point-blank range to 15 meters are also featured.

Training is only open to legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) per ITAR  (22 CFR §§120-130)

Required equipment list:

  • Pistol (Bring a spare pistol if you have one.)
  • Magazines to hold 50 rounds per drill.  (Double stack mags=4-5.  Single-stack mags=7-8)
  • 500 rounds of factory ammunition.  Hand-loaded ammunition is not allowed at Valor Ridge.  
  • Quality kydex or leather holster that stays open for reholstering.  Soft holsters are not allowed in class. 
  • Belt
  • Ballistic rated eye protection.  Lowe's or Walmart has these.   
  • Electronic ear protection
  • Pen and notebook 
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Rain gear
  • Gun cleaning gear
  • You will need to bring a lunch

There is no minimum age to take this class.  However, students under 18 years of age are required to attend the class together with a participating adult.

Cancellations/Refund/Exchange Policy

Booking a class at Valor Ridge is a commitment to train on your given course dates.  Tuition sale is final.  We do not offer refunds or transfers to students who cancel or fail to show up for class.   We do offer refund or credit in the highly unlikely event Valor Ridge finds it necessary to cancel a course.  This policy is firm and there will be no exceptions.  



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