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Rifleman I

$ 595.00

When lives are on the line, you want a rifle in your hands.  Make no mistake about it: this class turns out rifleman; people able to make precise hits on attackers at any distance, from across the room to hundreds of yards away.  By the end of this class, you will be astonished at what you and your rifle are capable of accomplishing.  The purpose of this class is to teach you an appreciation of the rifle, its history, and its ability in the hands of a good, trained rifleman. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from the course content.

From the start of class, you will be coached on shooting fundamentals.  Students will conduct accurate fire from the muzzle out to 300 meters, learn how to present the rifle from various positions, (traditional and improvised) learn how to manipulate the rifle under stress, on the move, and cooperate in team drills designed to forge your will into your rifle.   Marksmanship--accuracy upon demand-- will be taught and emphasized at all times.  You will learn to hate misses.  

Class material includes drills and instruction on:  properly zeroing your rifle, holdovers, compressed application of marksmanship, shooting at distance, (out to 300 meters) manipulations of the rifle, close quarters shooting, shooting on the move, stoppage clearance, positional shooting, (conventional and improvised) proper use of/presentation of the rifle from the sling, and team tactics.  Training is only open to legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) per ITAR  (22 CFR §§120-130)

Course equipment requirements:

  • Magazine-fed rifle in an intermediate or battle rifle cartridge (5.56, 7.62x39, 5.45x39, .308, .30-06, etc…)
  • Sling—two point sling is recommended.
  • 900 rounds of factory loaded rifle ammunition.   M855 (Green tip) or 7n6 is fine for most drills, but we will be shooting steel on some drills so bring other non-green tip (xm193 or similar variant) and commercial 5.45 ammunition as well.
  • 4 rifle magazines
  • White light (attached to rifle)
  • Rain gear
  • Eye/ear protection.  You will also need clear eye protection.
  • Sunscreen
  • Gun cleaning gear
  • Pen and paper
  • You will also need to bring a lunch

There is no minimum age to take this class.  However, students under 18 years of age are required to attend the class together with a participating adult.


Cancellation/ Refund/  Exchange Policy: 

Booking a class at Valor Ridge is a commitment to train on your given course dates.  Tuition sale is final.  We do not offer refunds or transfers to students who cancel or fail to show up for class.   We do offer refund or credit in the highly unlikely event Valor Ridge finds it necessary to cancel a course.  This policy is firm and there will be no exceptions.


Disclaimer:  Valor Ridge does NOT recommend internal modifications to guns.  Leave the internals of the gun the way they came from the factory.  If you choose to modify your guns, you assume the liability of the weapon operating incorrectly.  As such, you alone will be responsible in the event of catastrophic failure of the gun, including damage to the weapon and resulting property damage.

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